Costco Now Sells COVID-19 Tests!

Costco just announced that they are now selling self-administered COVID-19 saliva PCR Test kits. The kits are only offered online and there's two versions of the test kits to choose from. These tests are administered by Azova, a "comprehensive digital health platform for pharmacies, physicians, patients and payers." The cheaper Costco option ($129.99) is self-administered, with results returned "online through the HIPAA-secure AZOVA app" 24-72 hours after the lab gets the test. If you're willing to spend 10 dollars more, Costco members can get the same product, but can have the self-administration of the test monitored by a video observer, and results will be available 24-48 hours after the test arrives at the lab. Before your kit will be shipped, you must complete a health assessment and request a lab order. All testers have to do is spit into a small tube and seal it up. These tests from Costco are not available in Pennsylvania, Nevada or Maryland.

Do you plan on buying this?

Photo Credit: Getty Images