I got busted changing my wife's Netflix profile pic

Its simple but great. My wife and I have been married for a very long time. Like I've lived with her longer than my mom kind of length of time. We still play words with friends all day long (even though some days its only one move for 12 hours, ha). We also will put whoopee cushions in hidden spots sometimes. Recently we "acquired" a Walter the Farting Dog toy. That sucker gets hidden everywhere and the slightest touch...it Farts. My kid really loves that at 6:30am when he eats cereal. ha! ANYWAY, today I was just busted on the netflix profile pic. My wife finally saw what I changed her pic to and sent me a nice text message that I can't post here. haha. AS a trained husband I know that NO unapproved photo goes up on social or anything. I saw this a blurred lines...! Its silly, it's dumb, but all in fun. Find a way to have fun in your relationship. It better than just watching TV together every night and not talking...



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