Kylie Jenner cost snapchat 1.3 billion??? #HUH

We ask all the time WHY the Kardasian crew is still relevant.  Truth is, BECAUSE we are make them relevant.  In fact, we are both adding to the problem right now.  YOU clicked on this blog after all. hahahaha.

Here's the scoop, Kylie tweets a passive message about not using snapchat as much as she once did.  Me too!  In fact, i only use it for the "face game" as my 6 yr old calls it.  Anyway, after she tweeted about snap and a bunch of creepy Kylie following investors went crazy.  Snapchat was done 6% yesterday.  That 6% is about 1.3 Billion dollar$.  Watch the below for a further breakdown or click here.

PS. Kylie will use snapchat and its "face game" like me once baby gets here. haha



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