I'm not a vegetarian BUT....

Okay...I am NOT one of those "Must not eat anything with a face" type person.  In fact, Chicken wings and a steak burger have a special relationship with me. 

That being said, wifey and I are trying to cut out the need for a meat protein with every meal.  We've discovered an insane amount of veggie meals that are actually good. (Thai sauces at wholefoods work with anything btw).  This week we tried a veggie burger.  LOW expectations!!!!!  Because let's be honest...soy burgers taste like cardboard.

BUT.....we tried this last night.  About $6 for two at wholefoods.  THESE tasted like REAL burgers at medium done.  Again, I know you're gonna say I'm wrong and I'm full of dry black bean.  I respond with, I took time to right this blog about a veggie burger.  Try it!  Don't be closed minded and you'll be shocked like I was. (Ps. you save a lot of $ by cutting out meat protein too)

Check out the photo of my actual burger.  Onion roll with provolone and cheddar cheese, purple onion, spinach and arugula, claussen pickle, sliced avacado and some regular yellow mustard.

how it rocked out
beyond the burger


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