McDonalds gives me good hair!?!?

As a good parent of a 6 year crazy monkey child named Lyric....I'm happy about this new report coming out of Japan.  Researchers found a chemical in McDonalds fries that cures BALDNESS.  The chemical is called DMPS, short for dimethylpolysiloxane (let's say it slowly...die-METH-uhl-polly-sill-OX-ane.).  It's a type of silicone they add to the fryer grease to keep it from frothing up.  It's also in other fried food.

I'm happy because every saturday and maybe sundays too I take my son to McDonalds for lunch.  He likes happy meals and I like Fries.  Sometimes I even bring a small fry back to wifey at home.  But I might eat one or two of those too (shhhhhhhh).


Anyway, here's a photo of researchers making hair grow on Mouse.  yep, that's the same stuff I eat every weekend...


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