Get ready! The 5G network is coming (hide your children)!

I'm struggling with buying a new phone.  I'm a lifelong Android user and it may be time to cross over and become a sheep.  You know, an iPhone user.  BUT...before we go into me being stupid and buying a $1,000 sheep phone X...Let's get sidetracked on what kind of network is coming.  It's called 5G.  it's the younger sibling of 4G (LTE).  The labeling system is quite well though out.  The "G" stands for "Generation" so 5G means Fourth Generations.  Damn those people are smart.

Here is a link to the 5G wiki page if you REALLY want to get bored (Click and snore here)

Truth is 5G is 1,000 times faster than 4G.  It WILL change our lives and make a lot of things fast, like REALLY STUPID RIDICULOUS fast.  Like, someone can be in Australia using a mouse on a computer to move a tiny robotic tweezer inside a human heart in New York. The lag time will be less than a fraction of a millisecond. AND....yes it will make self driving cars happen. do we get to 5G?  You can read THIS article or get a snapshot by watching this video.


Back to me....

The new Samsung Galaxy 9 is going to be announced on Feb 25th.  The iPhone 8 is pretty good too.  The iPhone X is $1,000 and I don't like teaching large companies that WE will buy things like that.

Help me pick a phone please before I go insane...


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