Blind Man Sues

How does one tell a story like this and not be offensive? I'll just give you the facts and you can form your own opinion.

Donald Nixon just filed the suit, claiming is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act, because its websites , and, are not compatible with his screen-reading software.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Nixon says he's legally blind and visually impaired people like him, "cannot fully and equally use or enjoy the facilities, products, and services." 

He's suing to force the media outlet to make its websites accessible for the blind ... as well as unspecified damages.

Here's my opinion: Mr. Nixon has EVERY right to sue, that's the beauty of America. And if they are breaking a federal law then something definitely needs to be done. But is he really going to the website for the articles? Does ANYONE actually read Playboy for the articles? Also what are these "unspecified damages"?


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