Virginia Beach Woman Recently Turned 105, Gives Secret to Long Life

A Virginia Beach woman who turned 105-years-old recently shares her secret for living a long life!

On Sunday, Mildred Shafer celebrated her 105th birthday.

Shafer was born in 1919 in Virginia Beach, then known as Princess Anne County.

Shafer said she got around by horse and carriage and her home had no running water or electricity.

According to thePew Research Center, statistics from the United States Census Bureau showed that people over the age of 100 currently make up just 0.03% of the entire population.

As Mildred celebrated 105, her son Buddy Shafer Jr. told News 3 that her age hasn't slowed her down much in recent years.

Shafer says she has a secret to living a long life that others can learn from.

"Live happy. Be happy with what you got and make the most out of it," said Mildred Shafer.

Aw love this!

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