Pharrell's Movie Starts Filming at Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Pharrell's movie has started filming at the Virginia Beach oceanfront!

With the mighty Atlantic in the background, all eyes were on the Virginia Beach fishing pier for the production of the Pharrell Williams movie, loosely titled Atlantis.

The coming-of-age movie, set in the late-1970s, is named for the apartment complex where Williams learned to love music.

Pharrell fans zoomed in on a 1970s-style set created within the Virginia Beach landmark. Richard Balke of Virginia Beach saw news coverage about the production and decided to visit the strip to catch a behind-the-scenes look at the production.

“Oh, lots of action,” Balke said. “Looks like they’re doing for real. Williams doing the movie, I’m not sure what it’s about, but this is a place to be to see what’s happening at the beach today.”

Tourists hoping to catch flounder or spot from the pier were turned away. Gary Aguiar’s family was disappointed, but decided to make the best of a visit to the strip.

So cool! Take a look below!

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