Here's How to Recycle Your Solar Eclipse Glasses

Here is what to do with your solar eclipse glasses now that you won't need them for a while! You can recycle them!

If you have special glasses that helped you watch the rare celestial event, here's what to do with them now that the eclipse is over.

Astronomers Without Borders has been accepting donations for over 15 years. They partner with organizations where you can drop off or send your used glasses.

One of those partners includes Warby Parker, which also had an eclipse glasses giveaway program ahead of the total solar eclipse. You can find a Warby location here.

Check out the full list of Astronomers Without Borders partners that accept recycled eclipse glasses here.

You can also send them to Eclipse Glasses USA, which takes in used but undamaged eclipse glasses and then repurpose them for other eclipse events.

Learn more about Eclipse Glasses USA's donation policy here.

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