The House Featured in the Movie 'Halloween' is For Sale

The house featured in the film 'Halloween' starring Jamie Lee Curtis is for sale!

The house where Jamie Lee Curtis' character from "Halloween" once lived is up for sale ... and a true horror fan can get the keys -- if they have a decent chunk of change to spend.

The L.A.-area property is the fictional Haddonfield, Illinois home of teenager Laurie Strode, and can be yours for $1.8 million. Fans of the flick will recognize the house from the scene where she sat on the front stoop holding a pumpkin.

The home's been in the fam for generations, long before filming began in 1978. The seller's granddad planted an avocado tree on the property that's been there since the '40s.

It's been carved up into 3-units, so whoever buys it can pocket some rental income.

It's a nice house but it's a no thanks for me. Lol. I feel like that 'Halloween' juju would stick around. HERE is the official listing!

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