Well ... It all started with 2 Fisher Price turntables and a tin foil microphone. I'm not kidding! I remember like it was yesterday… coming home from a long day in the 3rd grade, I'd steal my sister's 45s and do my thing ...Playing one song after another just like they did on the radio. I can honestly say I love what I do and I’m blessed to have this job, playing music that helps you move a little quicker through your workday.

I’m originally from Connecticut, but Virginia Beach is my home… has been for the last 9 years. My good friends here call me "KRP" because I've literally been up and down the dial during those 9 years in Hampton Roads! So yes, I'm that guy.

I’ve been seeing my lovely girlfriend Sherry for almost 4 years now ... We are madly in love, thank you. She has a daughter and two small boys, one of which I coach in youth football ... GO COURTHOUSE BRONCOS!

There are many places I love to hang out at ... But chances are you’ll find me watching the Red Sox and Patriots making me miserable at CP Shuckers on Shore Drive ... Or you just might catch Sherry and I singing Journey songs at The Reef late on a Saturday. Just please don’t throw anything at us, we really do try...

I look forward to keeping you company throughout your workday ... and meeting you in person someday very soon.

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