Mariah Carey Reacts To Rapper Sampling 'Shake It Off' Without Her Clearance

Mariah Carey isn’t playing around.

Last night (May 7), a Twitter user who goes by @rnbtommy issued a seemingly innocuous challenge to the elusive chanteuse, giving her “24 hours to respond” to a now-viral clip of a rapper named YTK performing his song “Let It Off.” Sure, the challenge in itself may have been more or less a joke, so what’s the big deal?

Well, for starters, the song outright poaches the beat from Carey’s 2005 hit single “Shake It Off” — and without her clearance, no less. Not to mention, YTK mimics Carey’s entire cadence on his interpretation of the song while flashing firearms with his crew in the music video.

“How about y'all have 24 hours to respond to my lawyers,” the pop star wrote back with a purple heart for added effect, making the threat even more ominous because fans can't tell whether to call her bluff. (We wouldn’t.)

Let this instance remind you to be careful what you wish for because Carey eventually did respond — and it looks like things could get ugly.

Still, some fans thought MiMi’s response was a little harsh, while others took her side in the matter.

“Support black business? Idk ik it’s your song ma’am but you can’t let them have some fun? It was a lil bop,” one user tweeted, as poet Danez Smith pled, “MARIAH PLS! ITS A HOOD BOP! YOU KNOW YOU LOVE HOOD N—S!”

Another user quipped, “What I love about Mariah Carey is I have no idea she’s either teasing or she’s serious here.”

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Photo: Getty Images