Meghan and Harry to Make Money Off Merch -- Not If the Queen Does This

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not starving for money. From her Hollywood earnings and his mother’s inheritance, it’s estimated that they have $50 million in the bank. (Though his father Prince Charles is worth $88 billion with a B)

A royal commentator said Meghan pushed Harry to leave the Royals “She had no idea how un-glamorous it really is to be a royal. Basically, you’re a civil servant in a tiara and Meghan said ‘No way.’”

Experts believe they could be 30-times richer by building their own brand with some clever marketing. Meghan turned to the same web master that built herTIGlifestyle blog. Expect that site to return once the Royal split is complete. They’ve trademarked “Sussex Royal” for more than 100 items. (MarketWatch)

However, if the Queen strips them of their Duke and Duchess titles (which she has the ability to do), the Sussex trademarks will be voided. So the old gal still holds some cards in this mess.

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