Celebrate Taylor Swift's Big Birthday and Watch Her Top Videos

Taylor Swift has given the world some of the best, wildest videos of the past 15 years, and these rank at the top of her greatest hits.

Bad Blood

Taylor not only took aim at frenemy Katy Perry on this diss track, she called in her squad to do battle. The clip kicks off with Tay in an epic fight with Selena Gomez, then calls a cast of thousands -- from Gigi Hadid and Ellen Pompeo to Zendaya and Hayley Williams. Wow!

You Need to Calm Down

Taylor made up with Katy and gave her a part in the joyous, over-the-top video for her anti-bullying, pro-LGBTQ rights anthem. Ellen, RuPaul, Adam Lambert, Ciara and a crazy crew of others are also guests at the tea party.

Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor made a statement with this video -- and it stunned a lot of people. When she said "the old Taylor can't come to the phone...she's dead," jaws dropped, and they stayed on the floor for the duration of the gripping video.

Wildest Dreams

It's hard to even call this a music video because it's basically a short movie. And it's beautifully shot. And it features Scott Eastwood. And giraffes. That seals the deal.

Teardrops on My Guitar

The classic "sensitive Taylor" clip, where she delivers exactly what the title promises. Sigh.

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