WATCH: Baby Yoda Listens to Lizzo's "Good as Hell"

Disney never predicted the popularity of Baby Yoda and was caught flat-footed in prepping for merchandise.

Because of their error, the studio lost at least $3 million in sales. Amazon customers have searched for Baby Yoda tie-in toys nearly half a million times.

The plush Baby Yoda doll and bobble-heads are available for pre-order. Yet the toys won’t arrive until after Easter 2020 -- well past the Christmas shopping rush and likely after the Baby Yoda craze fades.

The creator of The Mandalorian series on Disney-plus claimed that they intentionally held back selling Baby Yoda merch. He said, (quote) “We had the disadvantage of not having toys available, but what we got in exchange was an excitement surrounding the character. Everybody felt like they discovered him together.” (The Wrap)

Good news is we have this adorable clip of the Child listening to our girl Lizzo:

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