Sara Lee Shows Sense of Humor After Raunchy SNL Skit

The Sara Lee company rolled with the punchlines of a Saturday Night Live skit featuring Harry Styles.

Viewers went to the company’s Instagram account to leave sexually explicit comments like the ones they heard in the raunchy skit. The company that owns Sara Lee, Bimbo Bakeries, said, (quote) “The skit doesn’t align with our brand. But, we all know SNL pushes the envelope for laughs and we are taking it in stride.”

Harry Styles played the Sara Lee social media manager, who often forgot to log off the account before commenting in his personal life that had lots of references to gay sex. For instance, he wrote on a Nick Jonaspost, “Wreck me daddy” and “Destroy me king.”

The kicker was when Harry Styles admitted that as the Sara Lee social media manager to DMing Shawn Mendes a photo of his open throat with a text: “Check out this special holiday promotion.” (New York Post)

Here's the original NSFW skit:

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