Chick-Fil-A Ending Donations To Controversial Foundations

Chick-fil-A has announced it will no longer donate to two Christian charities following years of LGBTQ protests.

The fast-food chain's foundation previously donated millions to the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

Both organizations have been criticized for opposing same-sex marriage and promoting other anti-LGBTQ policies - and as a result, many LGBTQ activists have boycotted Chick-fil-A for supporting them.

The company will now give to a number of organizations working exclusively in education, homelessness and hunger.

"No organization will be excluded from future consideration — faith-based or non-faith-based," said Tim Tassopoulos, president and chief operating officer of Chick-fil-A.

In other words, there's still a chance that they could donate to other controversial foundations in the future.

(via CNN)

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