Taylor Swift Is Teasing Again -- New Album or Wedding Date?

The Swifties are 100 percent convinced Taylor Swift teased that another album will arrive before Christmas. On Tuesday, following her performance in China for Singles’ Day, Taylor tweeted, “According to my jet lag, it is one hundred o’clock Celsius.”

The Swifties, who deciphered Taylor’s code, are positive that “one hundred o’clock Celsius” equals December 2nd.

Here’s their twisted logic: 100 degrees Celsius is the temperature that water boils which equals 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Then state 212 as two-12. In China, where Taylor just performed, two-12 would mean the second day of the 12 month. Monday, December 2nd.

BINGO! Taylor Swift will release new music -- possibly a Christmas Album -- the Monday after Thanksgiving, better known as Cyber Monday. (Entertainment Tonight)

Okay...so here are some more nuggets:

Taylor placed a Christmas tree in the “ME!” music video. Swifties knew this Easter egg had yet to be revealed.

Seems more logical that something will arrive on the 12th day in the second month. I'm going to go ahead and predict Taylor has set her wedding date: February 12th. Take that and run, Swifties!

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