Katie Holmes Says She and Daughter Suri "Grew Up Together"

Katie Holmes has no regrets about becoming a mom in her 20's.

The actress had her daughter Suri Cruise at the age of 27, and she now feels like she and the 13-year-old basically “grew up together.”

She said the two of them have “been a good match” over the years. But of course, now that Suri is a teenager, she can’t help but worry about “bad influences” as her mother.

“Doesn’t every parent?” she says. “There is so much bad news and hate and things that don’t make sense… the atmosphere around the world is terrifying.”

Holmes and Suri live in an apartment in New York that the actress describes as “homey” surrounded by the “intense and hard” city.

“I have a lot of pictures, I like vintage art from flea markets, I want our apartment to be very cosy and soft,” she adds. “That’s our style.”

(via Elle)

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