Here's What All The New Streaming Services Will Cost You

With so many new streaming services on the way, many of us are having trouble deciding which ones we'll actually get.

Of course, the dealbreaker for many people is the price.

So how much are all of these new services going to cost? Here's the breakdown:

HBO Max – $14.99

Netflix – $12.99

Hulu – $11.99

Showtime – $10.99

CBS All Access – $9.99

Amazon Prime – $8.99

Starz – $8.99

Quibi – $7.99

Disney+ – $6.99

AppleTV+ – $4.99

Shudder – $4.99

And if you'd want to subscribe to ALL of these services... that'd come out to a total of $103.89

(via Consequence of Sound)

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