Megan Mullally Missing from "Will and Grace"

Will & Grace returned last night on NBC. In this final season, expect see less of Megan Mullally. A backstage source said the cast forced this to be the last season because “tensions were building for a while.”

Megan got into a bitter dispute with the star of the show, Debra Messing, and took a leave of absence while they taped the 18-episodes. The actresses unfollowed each on Instagram. There’s your hard proof that of their real hatred.

Eric McCormack tried to quash rumors by joking about the situation, “I think people worried about that entirely too much. The four of us get along like a house on fire.” As if that's a good thing.

NBC couldn’t afford to lose Debra Messing, who plays Grace. So Megan Mullally skipped out rather than tolerate a hostile work environment. (TV Line)

Apparently her co-stars did not miss her. None of them follow her on Instagram.

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