I took our 7 yr old kid to his first String instrument concert.

It's a new season at the Sandler Center in VaBeach. One of the first shows was the Bach Cello Festival. We took our 7 yr old and shockingly he enjoyed it! I grew up in the orchestra playing the violin but my son grew up with Justin Bieber and Youtubers. Would he appreciate the other side of Art? Turns out he loved the performance. From the incredible cello player to the ballet dancer! The ONLY negative part was we had to leave at intermission. It was after 8pm and it was a school night. I have to be a little bit of a good parent. ha. Check pout some of the photos from last night on my IG post below. (The photo of Lyric freezing was outside the Sandler. He did the typical "I don't need a jacket" that kids always do...then stole mine).



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