Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog is just out of control EXPENSIVE!

I know some say the economy is doing great...but it ain't THIS great Nieman Marcus! haha. They just released their annual Christmas catalog with ridiculously expensive gifts.

Here are some examples:

1. A James Bond Aston Martin designed by Daniel Craig, along with a limited edition Omega watch. Cost: $700,007.

2. The chance to star in a makeup Instagram video by a makeup artist named Mario Dedivanovic. He's Kim Kardashian's makeup guy. This will somehow cost you $400,000.

3. A luxury dog house for $70,000. And to help you figure out how to design the dog house, you randomly get to video chat with Denise Richards. Yeah, as in the actress from "Wild Things".

4. A Moet and Chandon vending machine. It's $35,000 but does come stocked with 360 mini bottles of champagne.

5. A Versace punching bag for $1,550. You can also get Versace boxing gloves for $3,275.

CLICK here for a list of some of the ridiculousness.

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