WATCH: Lady Gaga Falls off Stage into Audience

Lady Gaga took a hard tumble off stage.

Thursday night, performing in Las Vegas, Gaga invited a fan to join her on stage. He lifted her and Gaga straddled him as they danced. But the guy lost his balance, took one step off stage, and both crashed hard onto the pavement below. Several people posted to social media videos of the accident.

One of them shared another video of Gaga performing “Bad Romance” and dancing without any sign of permanent injury. If there's a silver lining, looks as if Gaga will be OK.

Based on video replays, Gaga’s dance partner is probably waking this morning with bumps and bruises. It appears he lands on his tailbone under the full weight of Gaga in his arms. He's almost a hero for breaking her fall -- that he caused. (Entertainment Weekly)

Gaga has frail joints. This could’ve ruined her for months.

One fan in the front row got an epic perspective as Gaga crashed into her phone.

Another perspective:

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