Lori Loughlin Set to Get "Much More" Jail Time than Felicity Huffman

Lori Loughlin must expect a “substantially higher sentence" than Felicity Huffman.

U.S Attorney Andrew Lelling has a threat for Loughlin, who rejected a plea deal and is headed toward a trial. He said on Sunday that the longer she takes to resolve her case, the more time they want the judge to throw at Loughlin, especially if convicted, (quote) “We will ask for a higher sentence.” (People)

Huffman is due to serve 14 days in federal prison starting on October 25th. Lelling said he’s OK with Huffman’s sentence because, unlike Lori Loughlin, she “took responsibility almost immediately and was contrite.” (WCVB-TV, Boston)

Huffman could be sent to one of America’s cushiest prisons. Inmates at the so-called “Chateau Dublin” near San Francisco stay in private bungalows where they can bring their own bedding, pillows and linens. Orange jumpsuits are discarded for comfy sweats. (Radar Online)

The Lifetime movie, The College Admissions Scandal, premieres this weekend. 

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