Justin Bieber Bought $35,000 KITTENS

Justin spent $35,000 on his and hers exotic kittens. These pets are 59 percent African Serval wildcat mixed with a domestic feline. They’re dubbed “living room leopards.”

Savannah cats are the largest feline breed. They grow to 30 pounds and supposedly have the “intelligence that rivals the smartest dogs.”

Justin and Hailey named their furry friends Tuna and Sushi. Their Instagram account has more followers – 122,000 -- than you’d ever dream of. Justin pledged free Drew merchandise to the one millionth follower. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Serval wildcats are able to leap nine feet into the air to capture birds. And they're banned in most states except for California and South Carolina.

Maybe Hailey will help him with these pets because in the past, the Biebs has been AWFUL with animals:

In December 2012, he simply handed over his hamster named PAC to a fan while signing autographs, telling her to 'take care' of it, TMZ reported at the time.

In 2013, he was given a Capuchin monkey named OG Malley by record producer Mally Mall.

He took it with him to Germany where officials at Munich Airport seized the small primate and quarantined it because Justin didn't have the right paperwork for the exotic pet.

And in January 2017, TMZ reported the singer gave away his seven-month-old Chow puppy named Todd to one of his dancers claiming he was too busy to care for it. 

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