Marie Osmond Says 18-Year-Old Son Was Bullied Before Committing Suicide

Marie Osmond opened up on The Talk for the first time about her 18-year-old son Michael, who committed suicide back in 2010.

“I have never spoken about this before. So, my son who died, he was bullied. He was bullied very heavily up until the time he committed suicide because of his sobriety,” Marie said.

“I’ve got the texts. I mean they are horrendous and I never took action against it. But, I can tell you, honestly, I believe that that was a big component in him just feeling overwhelmed and that he didn’t fit in."

She says that she never "took action" against the kids who were the bullies - but she knows who they are.

Guest co-host Rumer Willis empathized, saying that she was also bullied "very badly" as a kid in school.

(via Just Jared)

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