Ansel Elgort Wants an Open Relationship -- but Not for Sex

Ansel Elgort is opening up about his love life. The actor has been dating Violetta Komyshan for years now, but in an interview with The Times, he says that he’s interested in an open relationship… but not so he can sleep with other people.

Sound confusing? Basically, Elgort says that he wants to “find a lot more love,” and “it doesn’t need to be sexual.” When it comes to the bedroom, he wants to be exclusive with his long-term girlfriend, but he also wants to “feel free to fall in love with people.”

“I’m in love with a bunch of my male friends who I’m not interested in having sex with, so why can’t I put the desire to have sex with women aside and let myself have love with women?” he explains. “There will probably be some sort of chemical thing at some point that you can’t help, but you just have to be disciplined.”

Source: The Times

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