See It: Aaron Carter's New Face Tattoo Is...Rihanna?

Aaron Carter reportedly sold his weapons, then used the cash to pay for a face tattoo.

On Saturday, Aaron unveiled his new face tattoo of Rihanna. It appears Aaron asked the tattoo artist to trace a GQ magazine cover from 2013 featuring Rihanna with a hair full of snakes.

The Greek mythical creature Medusa had a head full of snakes. She had the power of turning to stone the people who looked at her.

Aaron Carter flexed shirtless for a mirror selfie to debut the tattoo. He wrote on his Instagram “The biggest thing in music right now. I can’t be denied. Fact. Check me.” (New York Post)

Not sure the judge will see his new tattoo as a sign that Aaron’s mental health is under control.

Nick Carter’s restraining order against Aaron still holds through the middle of October.

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