Jonas Brothers Instagram Hacked -- And They Seem Genuinely Annoyed

Diplo hijacked the Jonas Brothers’s Instagram account and changed the password to deny the guys’ access. Throughout Wednesday, Diplo updated the profile pic of himself and unfollowed every account except his own. Then Diplo shared a video on their Instagram Story of him laughing like a villain.

The guys seem pretty peeved at Diplo. Joe Jonas shared a text exchange with Diplo. “Dude. Honestly it was funny for like a minute but who gave you the password?”

Diplo replied with a kiss-off, “Blocked you dweeb.”

One of the prank posts is a photo of the Hanson Brothers with the caption by Diplo, “Never forget the original Jonas Brothers." (Billboard)

Diplo has supposedly been on the outs with the JoBros since he livestreamed Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner eloping in Las Vegas.

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