Leader of Canada Aplogizes for "Brownface"

After a 2001 photo surfaced in Time magazine showing him in brownface makeup, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized Wednesday.

The photo in question was from an "Arabian Nights" party at a private school where he was a teacher.

Trudeau told reporters, "I should have known better."

In the photo, which was published in the 2000-2001 West Point Grey Academy yearbook, Trudeau is seen in a white turban and robe. There are four women in the photo with him. He has one arm around the neck of one of the women and is holding her hand with his other hand. The future prime minister's face and hands are darkened in the black-and-white photo. (FOX News)

This is not a good look for Trudeau, who is up for re-election on October 21st.

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