Ariana Grande Charters Private Jet for Her Pets

Ariana Grande is so wealthy she can afford to waste money on a private jet chartered solely to transport her comfort animals.

The singer flew two dogs – Myron and Toulouse -- to Glasgow on their own jet. They checked into the Blythswood Hotel ahead of Ariana. They stayed in a $3,000 suite with a rooftop garden and sunken Jacuzzi.

Ariana has been very open about her anxiety issues. She’s traveling on tour with her favorite pets to help “calm her nerves.” A source confirmed, “She jetted the dogs three hours before she arrived. Ariana wanted to make sure she felt right at home.” (The Sun, UK)

Ariana opted not to travel with her comfort piglet, Piggy Smallz.

How bad are private jets for the environment? Experts say they expel 10 times more carbon per passenger than commercial flights.

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