Ariana Grande Fans Angry About Partial Refunds For Canceled Meet & Greet

Ariana Grande has canceled the remainder of her meet and greets and soundcheck parties for her European tour "due to the need to preserve her voice and energy."

And while some fans are understanding, others are pretty upset about the fact that only PART of their payment is being refunded.

One 19-year-old fan, Ryan Harte, shared that he’s only getting $457 back after paying $1,455 for tickets to Ariana's show and meet & greet in London.

"He actually used his university grant money to pay for the tickets and he does work part-time but $1,090 is a lot of money,” Ryan’s father told the UK press.

"He paid to stand in the pit with people who have paid $194 for a standard ticket. She's ripped people off and he is absolutely gutted."

Others people are criticizing Ari for canceling in the first place, saying she should have "known her limits."


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