K-Fed Gets 70 Percent Custody and Restraining Order Against Britney's Dad

Kevin Federline was granted a restraining order against Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, after a fight involving the couple’s 13-year-old son, Sean PrestonUs Weekly reports.

Kevin filed a police report following a "heated" argument between Preston and his grandfather. A source tells Us Weekly, “Britney had the boys at Jamie’s condo on the evening of August 24th. Jamie and Sean Preston got into an argument. Sean Preston felt unsafe and locked himself into a room. Jamie broke into the room and shook Sean Preston.”

Another insider added, “Jamie has a temper, which is no secret to anyone in the family. Fortunately, Britney did the right thing and took her boys to safety and away from her father. The whole incident was very upsetting to her and her boys. Kevin was and still is furious.”

According to the restraining order, Jamie cannot go near Preston or his brother, Jayden James, for three years.

The allegations against Jamie came out as Britney and Kevin have agreed to a new custody deal that will give him more time with their sons.

TMZ reports that the couple reached an agreement to give K-Fed custody of 12-year-old Jayden and 13-year-old Sean 70 percent of the time, as opposed to the 50-50 split that's been on the books. 

According to TMZ, the deal was reached to give Britney more time to focus on her mental health, which has taken a downturn in recent months as she struggles to find the right mix of stabilizing medications.

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