SEE IT: Andy Richter Tattles on Man for Doing This on a Flight

Nearly one million people follow on Instagram “Passenger Shaming.” The account is dedicated to the disgusting stuff people will do on flights. 

Andy Richter, who is the sidekick to Conan O’Brien, shamed the barefoot plane passenger sitting across the aisle.

The guy had the audacity to take off his shoes and socks, then rest his nasty feet on the seat-back video screen. Richter photographed this monster. Then tweeted, “I snitched to the flight attendant. There were dirty toes smudges. I am not exaggerating. You could see the outline of his big toe.”

The guy acted shocked. He quizzed the flight attendant, “Is that like a just-when-taxiing thing?” They informed him that “it’s a basic airplane courtesy” not to place bare feet near other passengers. (People)

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