WATCH: Warning Posted Over "Aggressive Squirrels"

Signs posted at a New York City park are warning visitors not to feed the local squirrels because the seemingly cute and cuddly residents have turned aggressive.

The Battery Park City Authority in Manhattan posted signs in Rockefeller Park warning visitors not to feed the squirrels after a series of biting and scratching incidents.

"We were just playing over here. I walked back to the stroller and then I saw this little squirrel just shoveling our Cheerios into his mouth and I didn't know what to do," park visitor Sarah Mikota told CBS New York.

The New York City Parks Department's wildlife unit said feeding squirrels makes them less afraid of humans.

The New York City Health Department said no squirrels in the city have tested positive for rabies.

Battery Park City Authority said officials will be meeting with the wildlife unit this week to discuss methods of reducing conflicts between humans and squirrels.

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