Liam/Miley Split Turns Nasty: Allegations of Drugs and Cheating

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus’ split is turning least in the press. So far, things have seemed pretty amicable – at least, if you go by Liam’s statement about their separation, where he wished Miley “health and happiness.” But the latest word is that the on/off couple isn’t on such good terms… and sources aren’t agreeing on what the real story is.

We've heard that Liam and Miley have actually been separated “for months” now, backed up by weeks-old snaps of the two without their wedding rings.

·Sources from Miley’s side say that she tried her best to save their marriage, and that Liam’s drug and alcohol use was the dealbreaker for the singer who’s struggled with substance abuse in the past… but Liam’s sources have a different story.

·His peeps are saying that Miley wasn’t exactly the best wife – Liam couldn’t keep up with her social life, and that allegedly includes infidelity. Sources on Liam’s side are saying that the singer is “acting like the ‘old Miley’ again – AKA she “Can’t Be Tamed” as per one of her old hit songs – meanwhile Liam “wants a normal, settled-down life.”

Bottom line? Their friends are telling their version...and no one really knows what the heck is up.

Source: TMZ

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