Britney Spears Knows How to Burn Some Cash

The conservators of Britney Spears released financial documents. Her net worth for 2018 was $59 million.

In court next month, her conservators will have to explain to the judge why it’s grown by only $5 million in 12 years. (Forbes)

Perhaps her spending habits demonstrate how all her Las Vegas money vanished. Five vacations cost $70,000. More than $400,000 went to big box stores and Starbucks. Britney visited Target twice weekly. At Home Depot, she spent $66,000 on cleaning supplies. And probably that much again on housecleaners.

Her father earned a salary of $128,000 as Britney’s primary conservator. Every major decision must be approved by dad.

Next month, a Los Angeles judge will evaluate Britney’s conservatorship and determine the status of her mental health. The time may come to #FreeBritney. (The Blast)

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