A Video to help you feel GOOD!

Woke up this morning and went through the normal routine of checking local and national news. Then I sudden thought after 5 minutes of reading that EVERYTHING is so negative. WHY am I starting my day this way? Why do YOU? it's dumb! My man DJ Fountz at 103 Jamz told me a while back that he doesn't watch the news when he gets home. BECAUSE, if you had a person that comes over to your house everyday at 6pm to talk about NEGATIVE stuff for 30mins or an hour...YOU would kick them out right?!?!

SOOOOOOO.....This morning I stopped reading the negative morning news and googled, "Video to Help Me Feel Good". This is one of the top search results. And YES, it made me feel good as I walked into my sons room to kiss him goodbye as I headed to work. IT's the simple things folks. Watch the video. Maybe it will help you today.



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