Queen Elizabeth Is "Trying To Protect" Meghan Markle

As Meghan Markle is constantly criticized in the media, Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly doing her best to "protect" her from feeling alienated.

Royal expert Duncan Larcome tells The Sun that the Queen has made “a particular effort” to make Meghan feel welcome as a member of the Royal family.

According to Larcome, Meghan and the Queen have become “particularly close” since Meghan married Prince Harry.

The first few months after the Royal wedding, Larcome says the Queen made a “slightly unusual effort” to welcome Meghan to the family, like inviting her to events and holding birthday celebrations… an effort that apparently wasn’t even offered to Kate Middleton!

No offense to Kate, though - it’s just because of how Meghan “burst onto the scene,” while Kate was familiar to the Royals long before her engagement to Prince William.

The Queen may also be trying to protect Meghan from being treated like Princess Diana, who felt like an outsider in the Royal family.

(via The Sun)

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