More Scandalous Shows Heading to Lifetime

The Lifetime Network is fast-tracking three programs based on current scandals: The Lori Loughlin college entry scam, Jeffery Epstein indictments and a follow-up to the series Surviving R. Kelly.

Lifetime announced a made-for-TV movie called (quote) “College Admissions Scandal [which] will follow two wealthy mothers who share an obsession with getting their teenagers into the best possible college.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

They did not name the cast. It’s a shame that Lori Loughlin can not star.

The team behind Surviving R. Kelly will return with four more installments about the developing scandal. He was recently indicted on 18 counts of sexual misconduct. Surviving R. Kelly: The Aftermath will feature interviews with legal experts and new survivors who came forward to detail R.Kelly’s abuse.

A third program will focus on Jeffrey Epstein.Surviving Jeffrey Epstein will expose the seedy backstory of decades of him preying on girls as young as 14. He faces new charges of sexual abuse, sex trafficking and child pornography. (Variety)

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