People Are Outraged over Macy's "Fat Shaming" Plates

Have you seen the portion control plates that Macy’s? The plates that "measure" serving sizes with a scale of "skinny jeans," "favorite jeans" and "mom jeans." There also were appetizer plates rating servings by "food coma" and "foodie." While some saw the humor, many others did not - and the Twitterverse exploded, too - calling the them “toxic,” “harmful,” and “fat-shaming.”

The hoopla began when Alie Ward asked "how to get the plate banned" in all 50 states. Her tweet went viral with people criticizing its toxic message.

  • One tweet said, “Nothing like promoting fat shaming and food guilt. Who makes these plates?”
  • Another person was like, “WTF! These are ridiculous, ban them, there's enough people with body issues as it is!”
  • When stopped by TMZ, "Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards said she thought it was just silly.
  • Meanwhile, Jameela Jamil used expletives in her response. 

There were others how felt differently.

  • “It’s not that serious. I think they’re actually really cute and funny. People are too sensitive these days. Ya mad at plates?”
  • “I can understand you not liking them. But why do you get to decide that 300 million other people don’t get that choice?”
  • How about this.Just don’t buy it

In the end, Macy’s decided to remove the product.

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