Camila Cabello Is Not Leaving Shawn Mendes' Side

It will be only a matter of time before Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes confirm the obvious -- they’re spending nights together.

An insider said of the longtime friends, (quote) “They are going for it without holding back. They haven't wanted to be apart -- It's 24/7.”

Shawn has been coy about his relationship status. Camila was forthcoming about her love for Shawn – as friends. For the past two years, she’s had a boyfriend. They split at the start of summer, allowing her to turn her affection toward Shawn.

Camila basically jumped aboard his tour. One of his roadies said, “Cabello doesn’t want to leave his side. She has the opportunity and she's taking it.”

Shawn has been single for 15 months since “dating” Hailey Baldwin. They attended the Met Gala. A month later, Hailey hooked up with Justin Bieber and a few weeks later he popped the question. (E! News)

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