LISTEN: Billie Eilish Adds Justin Bieber to "Bad Guy"

Justin Bieber collaborated with 17-year-old Billie Eilish on a remix of her breakout hit “bad guy.”

The artwork for the remix is precious. It features a throwback photo of a pre-teen Billie in her bedroom. The walls are covered with Justin Bieber posters from his “As Long as You Love Me” era. 

Billie was clearly a Belieber. She told Marie Claire magazine that Justin was her “first love.” And she’s seemingly still a Belieber.

Justin tweeted on Thursday, “Proud of Billie. Remix out now.”

Bieber adds a new second verse that starts “Gold teeth, my neck, my wrist is froze. I got more ice than, than the snow.”

Billboard reports “bad guy” sits at number-two behind “Old Town Road” on the Hot 100 chart. If there’s a song to topple Lil Nas X after 14 weeks, it would be “bad guy.” (Billboard)

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