Industry Sources Claim Taylor Swift Is "Playing The Victim" In Feud

While a lot of fans and fellow musicians are on Taylor Swift’s side in her "feud" with Scooter Braun, some insiders apparently aren't buying it.

“Everyone knows she’s playing the victim,” one source claims. “She has five homes, a private jet. She even sends a jet to London to pick up her boyfriend [UK actor Joe Alwyn] and brings him to her when she needs him." 

A big part of Taylor's argument against Scooter was that she wasn’t given the choice to own her master recordings, but some people don't agree with that.

“She’s omitting the fact that someone acquired the company. She could’ve bought it!” the source said.

“Her dad is a multimillionaire shareholder. It’s a business transaction, and she’s making it all about her.”

Still, other people are insisting that Taylor is telling the truth, and she wasn’t really offered a fair deal.

As another source says, “It was a s - - tty deal. She tried to buy it multiple times, but they wouldn’t let her cut a check like Scooter.”

(via New York Post)

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