Barbra Streisand Shows off Cloned Dogs

Barbra Streisand spares no expense for her pets.

The legendary diva performed Sunday night in London. Her three dogs sat in the VIP section. She flew them 10,000 miles overseas via private jet.

On Wednesday, they vacationed in Saint-Tropez, France. (New York Post)

During Sunday's show, Barbra brought the dogs on stage and introduced them. She lamented, (quote) “They’re not into show business.”

Barbra cloned her favorite pooch – twice. She took DNA from the stomach of her beloved 14-year-old Coton de Tulear [pr: coTAWN day two-LEE-are], who died in 2017. The clones are named Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett. A third dog, Fanny, joined the clones at the concert. Each sat in a personalized “dog buggy.”

An eyewitness said, (quote) “Her dogs had free roam of the dressing room. A dedicated assistant pushed them in the buggy. Barbra adores them. Fans lined up for selfies with Barbra’s dogs.” (The Sun)

A Texas-based company, ViaGen, charges $50,000 to clone a dog.

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