Caitlyn Jenner Upset With Brody Jenner's Comments On 'The Hills'

MTV’s reboot of The Hills premiered last week, and Caitlyn Jenner doesn't seem to be a fan.

Viewers noticed that cast member Brody Jenner - Caitlyn's son - actually misgendered her twice while talking about her during the episode.

Many people think that it was an intentional diss by Brody, and according to Radar Online, Caitlyn isn’t so happy about it either.

A source says that Caitlyn saw the episode, and that Brody calling her "he" rubbed her the wrong way. (It’s also worth noting that Caitlyn was loose about her pronouns in the beginning of her transition, and still lets her kids call her “dad.”)

Brody’s brother Brandon has defended him, saying it was just a simple mistake.

Brody and Caitlyn’s relationship has been strained in the past, but it’s unclear how they’re doing these days.

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