Survey Reveals Most People Blame Social Media For Impoliteness

If you think it seems like more and more Americans are being awful to each other these days... you're not alone.

A new survey finds 93% of Americans believe we have a civility problem in society, with 68% classifying it as a “major problem.”

So, what's the cause of all this impoliteness and incivility?

Well, it seems like most Americans blame social media!

63% of Americans say that social media is a major contributor to "incivility in America," with most of them saying social media’s impact is more negative than positive.

As for how bad things are getting... in 2013, Americans claimed an average of 4 uncivil interactions online each week, and now it’s up to 5.

It doesn't look like people are very hopeful that it'll get better, either: 54% of people expect the level of civility to go down in the next few years - while 57% of people feel that social media is the biggest reason why it will happen. 

(via Financial Content)

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