Halle Berry Almost Had Her House Stolen

Many celebrities are the victims of home invasions at some point... but Halle Berry almost became the victim of a house posession by a stranger recently!

It started in January when Ronald Eugene Griffin tried to get into the house by fiddling with the lock. He took off when he was approached by her gardener, but came back in March with a locksmith and a deed.

The workers at the home put in a trespassing call to the cops. Unfortunately, Ronald ALSO called the cops and claimed that the employees were the ones trespassing.

When the authorities got there, Ronald was still trying to say he was the legitimate owner of the house.

It didn’t take long for them to figure out that he’d fraudulently changed the title. Halle Berry told detectives that she didn’t know him and certainly didn’t give him permission to be at her house. 

Ronald claims he didn’t know it was Halle’s house - but he was arrested last week and charged with one count of forging a fraudulent recorded document and one count of petty theft.

(via TMZ)

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